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E4 Nesting(with Automatic Pre-Labeling)

E4 Nesting(with Automatic Pre-Labeling)

  • Highly automated nesting solution with automatic loading and unloading system. The complete work cycle of loading, nesting, drilling and unloading is carried out automatically, which results in maximum productivity and zero down time.

  • World‘s first class components--Italian high-frequency electro spindle, controller system and drill bank, German helical rack and pinion drives, Japanese self-lubricating and dust-proof square linear guides and high precision planetary gear reducers, etc.

  • Truly versatile--nesting, routering, vertical drilling and engraving all in one.   It is well-suited for panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets production.


Dust-free system


Excitech researches and develops a dust-free system independently,and there is no obvious dust during the process of Cnc Nesting machine.
After the processing is finished,the surface and backside of panel,the inside of groove,and the ground around the machine are clean and dust-free.

High-power Spindle

To process different materials


Automatic Pre-labeling

Auto Positioning

5 sensor switches position the loading height, and double detection ensure more accuracy.JPG

Automatic Pusher Device

pusher 1.JPG

Vacuum Table

work table2.JPG

Carousel Tool Magazine

刀库 拷贝 2.jpg

Self-lubricate system

10 self-lubricate system.JPG

High Power Vaccum Pump

5.5kW becker GERMAN BERKER PUMP.jpg

Optional 5+4 Drilling Bank

2 spindle-2.JPG

Optional Double Work Zone

E4双工位 拷贝.jpg

Software and Hardware Integration Solution

Nesting Cell


What accessories and functions can be used for nesting machine?

Nesting Series Options

Cabine & Flat Door
Molded Door//
Auto Tool ChangerStandardStandardStandard//
High Power SpindleStandardStandard/Standard/
Infeed & Outfeed
Double Work Zone
Drill BankOptionalOptionalOptional/Standard
Compression RollerOptional/OptionalOptional/
Vertical SawOptionalOptionalOptional

What is the difference between the different structures of nesting machine?

StandardStandard solution,small footprint
Autoloading and unloading with pre-labelingAutomatic pre-labeling,infeed,nesting,outfeed in one cycle to enhance productivity while reducing error
Auto loading and unloadingGreatly helps reduce down time while improving productivity
Double Work ZoneLoading and unloading on one zone without interrupting the work cycle

Recommended Matching Edgebanding Machine

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Double Gluing+Pre-milling + Corner Trimming


Recommended Matching Drilling Machine

EHS1224 Six Sided Drilling Machine


—— Nesting Machine in Our Partners’ Factories ——

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The cnc nesting machine is packed with anti-rust plastic film for cleaning and damp proofing.

Fasten the cnc nesting machine on the plywood pallet for safety and against clashing.


Qingdao Port/Tianjin Port

—— Service ——

From your first inquiries about our machine to close the deal to installation to technical support and maintenance, our team will be always with you.

Excitech provides 24hr factory support with a team of highly experienced engineers that serve customers and partners around the wold , around the clock.

No matter whether the machine is used in North America or Africa, we can run diagnostics via dial-in on any of our computer-equipped machines for troubleshooting

and correct controller settings to have you running again in a minute.

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